Canada Worker Benefit Payment Dates, Who is Eligible 2024

Finding the information regarding Canada Worker Benefit payment dates for 2024, eligibility criteria, and most important procedure to apply for Canada worker benefit $1428. In this article we will also talk about Canada Worker benefit advanced payment too. Keep on reading the article till the end to gathered all over the details of CWB.

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Canada Worker Benefit

This CWB is a financial assistance program helping to the low income individuals or families living in the Canada to survive in the rising cost of living, and this program was started by government of Canada and the payments are distributed by the CRA – Canada Revenue Agency. This payments are distributed three times in a year and as of now the upcoming payment will come on 12th January 2024. CWB is a refundable tax credit given to the individuals or families who is earning low income and living in Canada. To receive the Canada worker benefit you must be filing income tax return of the previous years.

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Canada Worker Benefit Payment Dates 2024

The individuals and families whose earning are very low or modest then this benefits is provided to them in order to manage the cost of living. And this payments are usually depends on your income earning if you earn less then you will be credited more CWB or else if you earn more then chances are high your CWB can be reduced. Based on the income threshold you will be getting this Canada worker benefit payments three times in a year. You can find the payment dates in the below given table.

InstallmentCWB Payment Dates 2024
1st Installment12th January, 2024
2nd Installment12th July, 2024
3rd Installment11th October, 2024

Canada Worker Benefit Eligibility

If you want to be a Canada worker benefit receiver and then their are some eligibility criteria. And depending upon the eligibility you may become a CWB payments receiver. In the below given list you can find all the rules to be eligible for CWB.

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  • That individuals or families should be the resident of Canada.
  • That individuals or families income should be as of threshold wise, net income should be less than the threshold provided by the province or territory of residence.
  • They must be 19 years old or older on 31st December, or they live with partner, husband or with kid.

And in some cases if you are not eligible for Canada worker benefit payments then may these can be some of the reason of not eligible for CWB.

  • Like full-time students.
  • And anyone who is filing income tax returns.

Canada Worker Benefit Amount 2024

The Canada worker benefit, the amount you will be getting is totally depends on your net income and provinces or territory.

  • $1428 – To the individuals of Canada will get the Canada worker benefit $1428 amount, and your benefit amount may get reduced if you adjusted net income is greater than $23,495. If your net income is more than this $33,015 then No Canada worker benefit amount will be provided. $1428 is a Basic maximum benefit provided to the individuals of Canada who fits as per net income threshold set by the province.
  • $2,461– To the families living in Canada will get the Canada worker benefit $2,461 amount, and your benefit amount may get reduced if your Adjusted Family Net Income is greater than $26,805. And if your AFNI is more than this $43,212 then NO Canada worker benefit will be provided. $2,461 is a Basic maximum benefit provided to the families of Canada who fits as per net income threshold set by the province

Disability Supplement Max

You can avail the maximum supplement under disability

$737 – For the individuals disability who lives in Canada will receive $737. And if your adjusted net income is greater than the $33,018 then may your amount gets reduced. And if your Adjusted net income is more than $37,932 then NO disability supplement is paid to the individuals.

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$737 – For the families disability who lives in Canada will receive $737 amount. And if your adjusted family net income is greater than the $43,210, then your family disability supplement may gets reduced. In case if the only one partner is eligible for disability tax credit and adjusted family net income is greater than the $48,124 then NO disability is paid to that families & if the both partner are eligible for the disability tax credit but the adjusted family net income is greater than the $53,037, if these type of situation is their then NO Benefits amount will paid to the Families.

How to Apply For Canada Worker Benefit

  • In order to claim $1428 Canada worker benefit, you can follow the below given guide.
  • Firstly do your tax electronically using the tax software.
  • Submit Schedule 6, it is must if you are filing the paper return and submit Schedule 6 is made for Canada Worker’s Benefit.
  • In order to receive basic amount and disability supplement, you claim these benefits you if you are eligible for disability tax credit.

Canada Worker Benefit Advance Payment 2024

After all the eligibilities you are receiving Canada worker benefit payments, finding ways that how you can get the advance payment, basically this what you will get 50% of the $1428 Canada worker benefit. In this their is not mentioned any method to claim advance payments simply you will start receiving if you have file tax return. Suppose in 2022 you did your income tax returns then you can expect to receive Advance payments in 2023, Same this procedure implemented to claim advance payment for 2024 you have file your tax returns of 2023. This is how you get the Canada worker benefit advance payment in 2024.

Canada Worker Benefit Payment Calculator

Your Canada worker benefit is calculated keeping the terms like AFNI adjusted Family Net Income, and depends on your residence or territory, your income which you earned while working and also it depends on eligibility criteria. So, this is how your Canada worker benefit is calculated.


So hope this article was helpful for you, regarding Canada worker benefit payment dates, eligibility criteria and how you can apply for CWB. And how you will get ACWB depends on your CWB. All this queries was solved in this article & keep visiting this website to get updates regarding CRA – Canada Revenue Agency payment dates and many more things.

FAQs – Canada Worker Benefit Payment

How I will get Canada worker benefit?

The upcoming Canada worker benefit will be released on 12th January 2024 and $1428 amount will be given to all the eligible individuals or families.

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