Grocery Rebate Canada 2024

Finding difficulty to afford food, even if you are a single or couple both can avail the benefits of this new beneficiary program called Grocery Rebate Canada was credited on 5th of July 2023 by the government of Canada. This will help to the individual or couple to get relief in high prices of the food. But this grocery rebate is only provided to the one who is Canadian and check the eligibility for it.

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To know more keep reading the article and know that how it can help you in food prices and below down get the date for grocery rebate Canada. And if you want to apply for it follow the guide which we provided below. This Grocery rebate was started alongside with the GST/HST credit payment.

Grocery Rebate 2024 When Will it be Paid

Grocery Rebate Canada, as of now situation are becoming worst and keeping this mind the government of Canada launched this benefits to provide Grocery rebated to the eligible citizens of Canada. And many of you are finding dates for grocery rebate 2024, so for this year you will receive the the grocery rebate on July 2024.

Who Qualifies For Grocery Rebate

In simple it has not much criteria to receive the grocery rebate Canada the one will receive who is eligible for the upcoming GST/HST credit January 2024. And most important thing government says even if you have no income report or nothing but you have to do tax returns of the year 2021 to receive grocery rebate. This GCC is calculated based on your 2021 tax returns, And the your 2023 July grocery rebate is calculated based on your 2022 tax returns. For upcoming grocery rebate start doing tax returns and for more information checkout the Notice (Re)determination.

When is the Grocery Rebate Coming?

Grocery rebate Canada was made to help the needy person who can’t even afford foods and to assist them in case of food so they can eat properly. The upcoming grocery rebate Canada is coming in July 2024. To receive Grocery rebate you should do the previous year tax returns.

Grocery Rebate Payment Date

Grocery Rebate Canada Eligibility

In order to receive the grocery rebate Canada their are some eligibility criteria and at least one of the condition should be their in you.

First criteria is that your residence should be Canada, Note- Canadian Residents are only allowed to receive grocery rebate.

And in case as of now you are under 19 years old then and turning 19 in April 2024 then at least once you should do your tax returns, while reviewing your applications grocery rebate, the CRA will checks all of your documents.

Secondly you age limit, your age should be at least 19 years old, under 19 should follow up any condition from the below conditions.

How to Apply For Grocery Rebate Canada

Finding right method to apply for grocery rebate Canada, But their is not any procedure to apply for it, it’s just automated system in order to become a grocery rebate receiver then just do tax return even if your income was not much. And the eligible will be directly given the amount in their bank accounts or may be check. Canada Revenue Agency will be checking your tax returns then only you will be able to receive Grocery Rebate Canada.

Simple you just have to file your tax returns and then along with GST/HST payment will be credit to you by check or directly in bank accounts.

Government Grocery Rebate Canada

The grocery rebate Canada is made for poor people who can’t afford foods. And yes food prices inflations are effecting the low or modest level income families or the individual. This Grocery rebates are credited along with GST/HST and to receive this benefits then that individual should file their tax returns of year 2021. In order to receive in 2024 you will have to file your tax return of 2021.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Canada

To the citizens of Ontario, as of new grocery rebate Canada they will likely to receive $225 to $628 benefits. These payment will be made by cheque or direct deposit in their bank accounts. Now who will receive this grocery rebate, the individual who has filed the tax returns of 2021 year.

Grocery Rebate Canada Amount 2024

Now this amazing! Your Grocery rebate amount will be doubled of your GST/HST payment from the January 2023. And how much you will get it is decided by understanding your family condition January 2023 and your AFNI – Adjusted Family Net Income.

From below given amount you can expect to receive a maximum grocery rebate Canada.

Suppose you are a single person
If you don’t have any children then $234 you will receive.
If you have one children then $387 you will receive.
If you have two children then $467 you will receive.
If you have three children then $548 you will receive.
If you have four children then $628 you will receive.
Suppose you are married or couples living together
If you have no children then $306 you will receive.
If you have one children then $387 you will receive.
If you have two children then $467 you will receive.
If you have three children then $548 you will receive.
If you have three children then $628 you will receive.


Grocery Rebate Canada, how simply we have provided all the information regarding grocery rebate. Keep visiting this site frequently, to get information regarding CRA- Canada Revenue Agency.

FAQs – Grocery Rebate Canada

When will the Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024 Payment be made?

The Ontario grocery rebate 2024 payment will be made in July 2024

How many times does the Grocery Rebate payment is made?

The grocery rebate Canada only once in a year payments are made.

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