Canada Dental Benefit Care Plan 2024: How to Apply For CDCP

Are you a Canadian, then you must take advantage of this Canada Dental Benefit Care Plan 2024, but you don’t how to apply for this benefit program then you should not go without reading this post as we have discussed about CDCP eligibility, application process and many more.

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Canada Dental Benefit Care Plan

The Canadian dental care plan was found by government of Canada in order to help the Canadian’s oral health. Many of you don’t have the access of private dental insurance and for that reason this benefit program is built for you to overcome financially in oral health. But your adjusted family net income AFNI should be less than $90,000 and you are a Canada residence then you will able to receive Canada dental care plan.

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Canada Dental Plan Payment Dates 2024

The CRA releases the Payments for Canada dental care plan in two periods like 1st payment period was October 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 & 2nd period is July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.

PeriodCanada Dental Benefit Payment Dates 2024
FirstOctober 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023
SecondJuly 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Canada Dental Benefit For Seniors

You can also be a Canada dental benefit receiver if you live in Canada even if you are seniors, in this program for seniors their some others rules and regulations. If your age is 70 above then you are totally eligible to receive this CDCP, and in march 2024 you may receive a letter, in that letter their will be instructions that how you can apply for Canadian Dental Care Plan to receive Dental benefits.

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If your age is in between 65 to 69, then don’t worry to receive your benefit simply you can apply in may 2024 because in may online applications will be start so be prepared for it.

If your age in under 18 and adults with their disability tax credits certificates they apply online in June 2024, In June online applications will start.

Canada Dental Benefit Amount

If you are a Canada Dental Benefit receiver then you must know your CDCP amount and as per your AFNI. The payment you will be getting CDCP program that will be depend on your Adjusted Family Net Income and this amount will be Non-tax credit to the beneficiaries. And the eligible parent with children who fits in the eligibility criteria can apply from the given application process. Before that checkout your AFNI as this you will get your Canada Dental Benefit Amount.

AFNIFull Custody AmountShared Custody Amount
If less than $70,000$650$325
$70,000 to $79,999$390$195
$80,000 to $89,999$260$130
$90,000 or morenot eligiblenot eligible

As per above given table if your Adjusted Family Net Income is less than $70,000 you may receive $650 or $325 as per your custody in which you fits. And if your AFNI is in between $70,000 to $79,999 then you may receive $390 to $130. If your AFNI is in between $80,000 to $89,999 then you may receive $260 or $130. But if your AFNI is $90,000 or more than this than you are not eligible clearly for full custody amount as well as for shared custody amount also, so before applying for Canada Dental Benefit Care Plan you must go through the above given table.

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And what if your dental cost is more than $650, so you will cover your extra dental amount. If you are apply for your child’s dental cost and but your child’s dental cost is more than $650, you can cover the extra amount simply by applying for ADDITIONAL PAYMENT if you meet it’s criteria.

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In this Canada dental benefit plan you can apply for 2 times for each eligible child to cover it’s dental cost. It has mentioned that maximum you can apply for CDCP benefit is 2 times for the eligible child.

Canada Dental Benefit Eligibility

If you are new candidate or thinking to apply for Canada Dental Benefits then before applying you should meet all the eligibility criteria than only you are able to receive CDCP benefits. You can checkout the eligibility criteria in below given lists.

  • Your residence should be Canada.
  • And you have access of dental insurance.
  • Your adjusted family net income must be less than $90,000, then only you will be able to receive Canada Dental Benefit.
  • And you should submit your tax return for the prior year.

How to Apply For Canada Dental Benefit

As of now applications are open for second benefits. If you have more then one eligible child you can apply now you two options or application, you can apply via CRA – Canada Revenue Agency or else by your phone number also you can apply. Follow the below given process to apply for Canada Dental Benefit Care Plan.

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One of the easiest way to apply for Canada Dental Benefit using CRA My Account, Through this you may receive your payment very fast. But in this your child’s dental care provider name, address and telephone number is must and along with appointment date, parents name, address and telephone. Using these information you can apply via CRA – Canada Revenue Agency.

And if you don’t have CRA my account then you can even create your CRA my account to apply for Canada Dental Benefit.


Hope you got all information regarding Canada Dental Benefit about eligibility criteria and How you apply for it and also understood you the Adjusted Family Net Income criteria. Keep visiting this website to get all the payment dates or details of any benefit programs under CRA – Canada Revenue Agency.

FAQs- Canada Dental Benefit

What is Canada Dental Benefit?

It is a benefit program was made to help the citizens of Canada to cover their oral health expense like dental related. And to receive this benefit your adjusted family net income should be less than $90,000 if it’s more than this then you are not eligible to receive CDCP benefits.

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