CCB Payment Dates 2024 | Extra Payment, Notice, How to Apply

Finding details about CCB Payment Dates 2024, that’s great you can to right place here I’m gonna cover all the queries you search about Canada Child Benefits on the internet. Along with dates of 2024 you will also get here eligibility criteria and if you are not a CCB receiver then how you can apply for Canada Child Benefits.

Many of you are CCB receiver but you don’t know payment dates for 2024, So here I came up with a complete Canada Child Benefits blogpost. To apply for CCB you can but before that check your eligibility then you can apply for Canada Child Benefits by following the below given process.

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And if you receives Canada Child Benefits payment then you can increase your benefits by entering into one more program related to child’s care. Following this you can avail the extra payment benefits.

CCB Payment Dates Benefits 2024

CCB is a Canada Child Benefits this was made to help all the families in term of financially to raise their children so they can coverup the cost of raising a child. This is a non-taxable benefits monthly given to families who are eligible for Canada Child Benefits and it has some criteria for eligibility. When this program was started then it was known as Canada Child Tax Benefits and in 2016 was replaced with Canada Child Benefits by the government of Canada.

CRA Payment Dates 2024: CPP, CCB, GST/HST, OTB, OAS, ACFB, CWB

This Canada Child Benefits are distributed by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to the families who having child so they can take care of that child through this benefits. This CCB Payments will be given till child becomes 18 years old.

CCB Payment Dates 2024

Are you a CCB payment receiver and finding proper payment dates for the 2024 then just simply check in the below given table. CCB is distributed on 10th-20th of every month and the recently payment was released on 13th of December 2023, and the upcoming payment is coming on 19th of January, 2024.

MonthCCB Payment Dates 2024
JanuaryJanuary 19, 2024
FebruaryFebruary 20, 2024
MarchMarch 20, 2024
AprilApril 19, 2024
MayMay 17, 2024
JuneJune 20, 2024
July July 19, 2024
AugustAugust 20, 2024
SeptemberSeptember 20, 2024
OctoberOctober 18, 2024
NovemberNovember 20, 2024
DecemberDecember 13, 2024

Who is Eligible For CCB Payment Dates

In simple terms if we say their is not much eligibility criteria then though, first of all your child should be under 18, But if I suggest you should apply for the Canada Child Benefits asap from the day of birth. And by any chance you where not aware about this CCB payment program and thinking now to apply for the benefits then your child’s age must be below 18 years.

And firstly the applicant who is gonna apply for her/his child they should be primary care taker of that child.

To receive Canada Child Benefits, you should be a citizen of Canada and your residence also should be Canada. If your residence is not Canada then you are not eligible to receive CCB.

1.Your child should be below 18.
2.You should be primary care taker of that child.
3.Your residence should be Canada.

For more in-depth information about eligibility criteria for Canada Child Benefits you can visit official website of Canada Government. On that portal you can gathered more information.

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Extra CCB Payment Dates

If you are already a Canada Child Benefit payment receiver than you also avail this benefit to increase your monthly benefit payments, if you have applied for Child Disability Benefits. And if your child is under 18 then the applicant is eligible for CDB. For each child you will receive $261.41 per month ($3,173 per year) under Child Disability Benefits.

What is a CCB Payment Notice

The CCB Notice are given to those receives too much payments or overpays by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) then the CRA sends a Notice to the CCB receiver with remittance voucher. The reason behind attaching remittance so the CCB receiver can know their owned balance. If the CRA sends you a Notice that means your upcoming Canada Child Benefits payments will be taken by CRA may be full payment or a portion from the payment.

How Much CCB Will I Get?

Canada Child Benefits depends on your AFNI – Adjusted Family Net Income it means your net income. To receive CCB your net income should not exceed $34,863 otherwise some percentage of money will be deducted from the CCB Payments.

And if you are thinking that how much you will receive CCB payment then for your kind information I would like to say that, If you child is under 6 years old than you can expect to receive $619.75 on monthly basis & $7,437 yearly. And if your child is in between 6 to 17 than you can expect to receive $522.91 monthly & $6,275 yearly. It depends on you that in which situation you are.

Under 6 years old child$619.75 monthly & $7,437 yearly
6 to 17 years old child$522.91 monthly & $6,275 yearly

How To Apply For CCB Payment?

Their are many ways to apply for Canada Child Benefits, by following any of the below given methods you can become a CCB Payment receiver. Automated Application, Online method and also you can apply by sending mail. Now let’s see how each methods can be implemented.

If you are thinking that how automated application works and how you can apply. Simply this process can be implemented at the time of your child’s birth that means for this process you have to submit application on your child’s first day of birth only. After this you have to fill the birth registration and give consent to the officer to send your information to the CRA and also provide SIN. And after applying for CCB Payments you will likely to start receiving benefits within 8 weeks.

Online method is also simple in this you have to use My Account and then you can apply for CCB by its offered services. To proceed this method you have to login to My Account and click on the ‘Apply For CCB’ option. And now they will some information regarding the child’s age, birthplace, gender, name etc. Now do the confirmation of your provided details are correct or not then simply click on the submit button. For this also same you start receiving Canada Child Benefits Payment within 8 weeks.

By sending mail you can apply for CCB payment simply fill out the form RC66 and mail it to the tax center on Canada. And while preparing the mail you must attach all the important details of your as well as of your child. Now in this case you are likely to start receiving Canada Child Benefits Payment within 11 weeks.

How is CCB Payments are Calculated?

Citizens of Canada who are participated in Canada Child Benefits are totally depends on AFNI – Adjusted Family Net Income and also number eligible children & marital status. AFNI is reported in the previous year’s tax returns. That means CCB payment you will be receiving in 2023 is totally depends on your previous year tax returns. So that’s your CCB payments are calculated.


So in this article we share you the CCB Payment Dates 2024 and with this many more queries like how to apply and some of your doubts had been solved in the below given FAQs. To get more updates regarding CRA payments and many more programs keep visiting this site.

FAQs – CCB Payment Dates 2024

Why did my CCB go down

The reason might be that your net income has exceed the $34,863, So this can be the reason why your CCB go down.

What time does CCB get deposited

Usually Canada Child Benefits Payment are deposited in between 10th-20th of each month.

How long does CCB take to process

If your child is a new born and you have applied then it will take around 8 weeks to start receiving your CCB payments after applying.

What is the maximum CCB payment

The maximum Canada Child Benefit payments is $619.75 monthly & $7,437 yearly, it’s only for those parents whose child is less than 6 years old.

What age does CCB end?

Your Canada Child Benefit payments will stop if your child is above 18 years old or 18.

How much is CCB per child?

It’s clearly mentioned on the official website of Canada Government that $619.75 or $522.91 according the age of your child.

Do you get CCB for the month your child was born?

In simple if I say then it’s clear NO because from the day your child born and you applied for CCB, within 8 weeks you will likely to start receiving Canada Child Benefit Payments.

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