CPP Post Retirement Benefits For 2024- Do I Need to Pay More

Hello Canadians !!! Now everyone is talking about CPP Post Retirement Benefit details and benefits but we have come up with a powerful article to satisfy your query related to CPP post retirement with almost all queries being covered. How much will you get in CPP post retirement ? To know about this just go through the article. 

CPP Post Retirement Benefits

Canada pension plan – post retirement benefits are explained in detail, So what is CPP post retirement is a type of pension when you start receiving CPP pension after you become 60 and working also you are contributing to Canada pension plan to increase your pension then this is known as CPP post retirement plan. 

For post retirement benefits you can contribute till 70 after that you won’t have to contribute to CPP post retirement. This PRB pension helps you to increase your pension which you receive monthly CPP from the government of Canada. 

  • If you are between 60 to 65 and work while receiving CPP retirement pension, Then you have to make a contribution cpp. 
  • If you are between 65 to 70 and work while receiving CPP retirement pension, Then its depend on you whether you want to contribute or not. 

The benefits for CPP retirement pension & CPP post retirement pension. If we talk about CPP retirement pension, the average amount paid to new beneficiaries is around $811.21 and the maximum pension was paid $1,306.57 in 2023. And CPP post retirement pension, the average amount paid to new beneficiaries is around $5.48 and the maximum pension was paid $40.25 in 2023. 

To stop the Canada pension plan (CPP) contribution just fill the CPT30 form and send the original copy to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and keep one copy of that form with you carefully.

CPP Payment Dates For 2024

CPP Post Retirement Benefit Eligibility

If you are receiving a canada pension plan and still working as an employee or self-employee then you can increase your pension benefit for lifetime, This is called as cpp post retirement benefit – PRB. For eligibility criteria check you can go through the points we have mentioned. 

  • For CPP post retirement benefit your age matters and your age should be in between 60 to 70. 
  • Working as an employee or self-employee and still contributing to canada pension plan- CPP.
  • And the most important thing is that you must be receiving a retirement pension from CPP or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). 
  • To get this post retirement benefit you and your employer should be contributing to CPP. 
  • And in the case of self-employed you have to pay both employee and employer. 
  • When you will become 70 years old then your CPP contribution will be stopped. 

Is CPP Post Retirement Benefit Worth It 

The simple answer is YES, who don’t want money in their old age? and in that age money is the only source through which you can survive in your old age. Let me come to the point, CPP post retirement benefit is worth it, these pensions are added in the CPP retirement pension. This addition will help you in receiving extra pension through which you can live a healthy life.

How To Apply For CPP Post Retirement Benefit 

If you are looking to apply for CPP post retirement benefit then the simple answer is = No, to get the benefit of CPP post retirement you don’t need to apply separately through any form or application, it’s automatically received after your year of contribution. 


Hope so you understood everything about CPP post retirement benefits as it start from 60 to contribute for PRB, whether it ups to you if you can then just go for it. On the other hand it will beneficial for you only as you will be receiving CPP retirement pension and after contributing for PRB your pension will be increased by adding the pension amount of CPP post retirement benefits. Still have any doubt then just comment down your query will all of your query one-by-one and so on best of luck for CPP.

FAQs – CPP Post Retirement Benefits 2024

CPP Post Retirement Disability Benefit?

The benefit for CPP post retirement disability is $558.74 as of 2024, But may increase in future.

Maximum CPP Post Retirement Benefit?

The maximum CPP post retirement benefit is paid $40.25 in 2023, this pension was the max paid in 2023.

When is CPP Post Retirement Benefit Paid?

Typically, the first PRB payment is issued in full during the month of April. That lump payment is the PRB due in the months of January, April, and May. Following that, the retiree gets just one payment that involves both the normal CPP retirement benefit and the PRB.

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